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We film Football matches in high quality and have filmed for the top UK sports television station BTSport which shows the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.

We also provide analysis on your team or your opposition. We were the sole opposition scout for Maidstone United in their first season in the Vanarama National, had the won their final game of the season the would have finished tenth, as it was they finished mid table. During our scouting they went 13 games unbeaten, won a manager of the month award and drew with Rochdale in the FA Cup.

We get booked to film all over the UK for men’s football, academy football, US Scholarship soccer matches, and youth and schools football. We also provide scouting on players and teams for a number of teams throughout the season. We currently film on Saturday’s  and some Wednesday’s  for two clubs.  We also get booked to film midweek and Sundays for other clubs. Contact us for availability.

We have a full Instat Scout account and we can provide Instat Scout reports as well as our traditional scouting reports.

Unlike many of the people who film football matches we use large form professional cameras and heavy duty tripods. Many of the companies that will film your football match will use cheap £200-400 handycam type cameras and cheap £20 tripods that will lead to shaky footage, they will often use young students or inexperienced cameraman. Our prices are not too different and in many cases cheaper than their prices and with us you get professional equipment and a cameraman who has filmed over 1000 matches and who has filmed on TV. You get great footage and a much faster turnaround than anyone we have seen before.

We mainly get booked for Football trials, US Scholarship, Football Cup Final filming or big local matches but clubs who require high quality football filming choose us for one offs. A recent booking in 2018 saw footage from the match we filmed appear on Sky Sports Soccer AM and go viral on social media.

We have had our footage on Sky Sports, BTSport, ITV and BBC as well as overseas Sports channels.

If you have a football match you would like our cameraman to film then get in touch with us. If you require analysis on your football team and players or on opposition teams or for recruitment reasons then contact us.